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Do you feel like you have bugs in your mobile apps? We offer services like App Bug Fixes for your app so that it will be accepted in the apple store.Do you feel like you have bugs in your mobile apps? We offer services like App Bug Fixes for your app so that it will be accepted in the apple store.The 21st century is a generation of technology and of advanced and complex studies of the internet. The breakthroughs in these fields made way for multiple distinct matters arising in the society.

Mobile phones, laptops, smart things like smart table,  smart pens, smart bags, and everything with smart is just a few of the innovations that advancement of technology incurred. In smartphones, laptops, and portable gadgets, applications like camera, facebook, message, and many things above others are on competition. Several application creators are making their way to the top of the search engine of the app store or others even fail to enter the world of the app store. Their apps will end up in some unknown store or might go to waste.Application Rejections in Apple Store Why are these apps rejected by apple store? Here are some of the common rejections in the apple store.Crashes and BugsThese are the top reasons why an application is rejected in the app store. Upon submitting your application, make sure it is ready publishing; free from bugs and crashes. Mattis Marketing can help you detect and fix these bugs in an exchange with a small amount of price. Substandard InterfaceApple store is a well-known platform for game purchasing, thus, they require a higher standard interface. Applications that cannot meet the interface requirement will be rejected.

Unfixed LinksAll broken links should be fixed and must be functional to the users including the user support, privacy policy, etc. Unfinished placeholder contentAn application which is still in progress and contains placeholder content are rejected. Make sure to finish all images and texts in your app.Incomplete detailsThe details in your application along with how to review it should be available to the users.Ad FunctionalityYour application should be using IDFA or the Advertising Identifier that serves advertisements. Failure to meet this will lead to app rejection.DescriptionsThe descriptions you input in your app should be accurate and concrete. Overselling Do not oversell your application. Putting some unnecessary details just to please the users will be detected. If you keep on improving your app but is still rejected by apple store, contact Mattis Marketing. We will help you in detecting the problem and in making your application presentable upon submission to the apple store. What Are Bugs?Bugs is a computer jargon that refers to an error in coding, causing some glitches and errors in the applications. In a wider content, bugs cause large problems. The worst bugs in the history of the computer world caused multiple major and minor explosions,  disability of space probes, and even casualties. Bugs and errors in apps that control pipelines, electricity, and other explosive matters.In applications, bugs cause log in error or malfunctioning of the application itself.  Bugs are extra problems for newbie app creators since it will require them to go over their entire programming and manually locate the bug. A mobile application with a complex interface and an undetermined bug can must undergo a series of processes to fix. With our help, Mattis Marketing, locating the bug will be not as hard as you imagine.Bug fixA bug fix is a certain alteration done to the product or a system to aid and remove a glitch or a bug.  The bugs that cause an error in the implementation of the system is often fixed by the development team or if they fail to do so, with companies offering app bug fix services just like Mattis Marketing.

The bug fix can only be issued to an application if the bug has been removed and addressed.  How Mattis Marketing addresses the problemFixing apps with bugs or glitches is one of the expertise of Mattis Marketing. Aside from building a website, app development, marketing consultation, and creating apps, we also offer app bug fix services. We have our own technical protocol that we use to identify different types of bugs.  Our system is different from the “open ticket” system ( identifying a bug with a particular number identifies the bug and a record will be opened. Our system will locate the bug in a short span of time and the system will create its own process to remove the bug and record the appearance of the bug. This includes the bug type, the reason, the effects, and some other important matters. The record keeping will serve as a guide for you to avoid doing the same things again. Importance of fixing bugsThe main imperative reason why bugs should be fixed is the effect of this on the entirety of your application. Having a bug in your app will slowly destroy your system. Another important thing are that your application can’t move to the next level ( implementation and acceptance in the apple store or play store) if a bug or glitch is on it. Apple store is strict in terms of the conditions of your application that a single bug will lead to rejection. Why Mattis Marketing?Although fixing bugs is a task for developers, they have more important things to mind and consider. Fixing app bugs is a complex process of going over and over your program to locate the bug. With Mattis Marketing,  you don’t have to worry anymore about these things. Our system will immediately locate the bug for you and offer ways on how to fix it. The good thing about approaching us is that we will be your lifetime partner. Any problem with your app will immediately be addressed on.Mattis marketing has been offering App bug fixes for a couple of years and clients are satisfied with our service that if they find problems in their applications, they’ll immediately contact us for aid. Our years is an assurance that we will do our job to satisfy your needs with your applications. In Mattis marketing, no problem is unsolvable.