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Project Description

Graphic design

Graphic design is the process of combining typographies, photos, and illustrations to project ideas visually. It is used to attract your target audience.In this generation, technology has been part of us all. We are more drawn to something unique and amazing, thus, organizations tend to give their best shot in getting the attention from their potential customers through graphic designing. Graphic design is a powerful way to project an idea so that people can easily understand what it’s trying to impart. Some examples of it are infographics, flyers, brochures, business cards, web pages, and much more.

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Conceptual Design Samples

We Are Skilled in

However, many people are not skilled in making an effective graphic design that’s why they have to hire someone who can do the job. Graphic designers are professionals who will help companies and/or organizations attract attention from their target customers. So here’s a list of guidelines when hiring a graphic designer:

Photoshop 98%
mockups 92%
Illustrator 96%
HTML and CSS 98%

Tips In Designing Effective Fliers For Your Business

Organize your content and information

The first step in every design is planning and organizing your content. You have to know what are your goals and what are the texts that should be included in your flyer.

Be creative in terms of gridding

Flyers are usually small and are restricted to a standard print size. That’s why the challenge is being creative in maximizing the small print page. One of the solutions is being experimental in putting texts and images into their right places to make use of every space possible, called gridding.

Be trendy

No matter what design you create, as long as you go with the current trend, you can’t be wrong with it.

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Optimization Of Website

Make your website URL easier to remember. URL can be the name of your website (or the name of your organization). Keep it short and simple to make sure that people can easily remember it. So when they need something in the future, the first thing they can think of is going to your website and check if you have what they’re looking for (and you should have what they’re looking for, of course).

Mobile Version of website

Have a mobile version of your website. People want things to be handy and that includes using their phones as much as possible. By having a mobile version of your website, it will increase the traffic because there are more users browsing in mobiles.