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Project Description

So you’re excited about app development and you got some great ideas that you’d want to bring to life?

there are a few more questions that you can ask yourself:

  1. What’s the app that I would really want to create?
  2. If I’m the user, will I find it useful and exciting?
  3. Does my computer meet the system requirements for me to properly create a new app?
  4. What are the developer tools that I will need?
  5. How much will my app cost?
  6. What do I do to start writing my app?
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Create a plan on how you would want to build the app

First, come up with a written definition of the app you’re planning to create. Determine who your users are and how they’re going to take advantage of the app. You can also explain here the unique issues that the app can resolve or the transactions that it can simplify for customers.

Brainstorm ideas with the technical team to visually define concepts

This is the best time to get the technical team involved as they can help determine if your idea is realistic or feasible. They can also help set your expectations on the success rate, the time required to finish the project, budget, and a lot more. Moreover, this is where you can sketch your ideas to the technical team.

Assess the feasibility of the functionalities of the app

Determine where your app can be used. Depending on its platform or format, the app may have different requirements. This means that programming may be different for an app that’s to be used on an Android device to that of an iPhone or iPad.

Experience the app and observe how it works

By building a rapid prototype, a client may get to experience as quickly as possible how an app looks and works like. This is necessary for the technical team to quickly address any feedbacks from the client.

Design Should Be User Friendly

And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

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iOS Apps

Developing games and apps for iOS devices and computers may seem very daunting and challenging. The truth is, it’s not as very hard as you might have initially thought. Nowadays, there are a couple of resources such as Xcode 7, Swift, and Metal that you can use to help you or your team of programmers quickly learn to become an iOS app developer.
Apple has very specific guidelines that developers should comply. Failure to follow any of these guidelines would result in a rejection which means your app won’t get into Apple’s App Store.

Android Apps

The Android mobile operating system should be a perfect choice for programmers who want to build phone applications. What a coder needs to initially do is to thoroughly understand Android’s software development kit (SDK).
Android apps are Java-based applications, thus the first thing you’ll need to start coding is the Java Development Kit. After which, you can install an IDE to get a set of tools such as a compiler, debugger, and much more. Next, you should get Android’s Software Development Kit and install it on your system.